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Housesitting With Little Sister 2

* Apr 13th 2018 – Updated to English Translated Version!
[DLsite Official English Translation]

The brother and sister that were left to their own devices by their overseas
travelling parents and still at it, enjoying day after day of sexual indulgence.

– In the clothing removal part you can select which parts you
would like to remove. (Sailor uniform & knee socks, school swimsuit)

– Erotic situations: fellatio, handjob, footjob, p*ssy teasing / spreading /
prodding / inserting stimulating gel, sex in the bath, missionary sex and more!

– The more times you cum inside her, the more her status changes.
– If you f*ck her too much, she may even fall unconscious.
– Pull out your d*ck and BUKKAKE all over her.
– Added cross-sectional views of the uterus so you can see her full of your cum!
– Spread wide her p*ssy and enjoy as your white cream flows out from within.
– You can wipe it away with a tissue or leave it as is!

– CG Mode: After having sex, there are CG available for use.
– Voice is only available for pleasure moans (not for dialogue)

※ Some of the PCs have the problems with its working because of the problem of graphic driver or Windows OS, so Please check if it’s working well

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