Family Fappenstance: Beatin’ to my Sister / Chinjao Girl

CG + Illustrations

Family Fappenstance: Beatin’ to my Sister

“Hey! Don’t jack off with my underwear!”

“Fine, then can we jack off with you?”


In an 8-person family with no mother in sight, it’s up to the big sister to take care of the men.
But they’ve all got a bit of a problem expressing their sexual sides in a healthy way…
So hey, why not make that another of big sister’s jobs, too?

It was only a little while ago that she was in the bath with all of them, right?
It’s not weird if she helps out just a little. Okay, it’s a little weird,
but if it’s for the family, she’ll do it… even if it means losing her virginity!

Kyouko Osugi, the eldest daughter.

The Osugi family is BIG — Kyouko, her dad, and six younger brothers, to be exact.
To a more old-fashioned mind, that means that it’s up to Kyouko to do all the housework
and caretaking for the men, and she’s great at her job.

She’s also got a body to die for and is completely boyfriend-free.
Then one day, she catches her little brothers doing something dirty with her underwear…
and life at home changes into something unbelievable!

36 base CG + variations = 237 pages
without text ver. included

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