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Be sure to verify that the game operates on your system properly with the trial version.
English language option is available in this game.

A Minesweeper-style game in which you help the witch Lira conquer an ero-trap dungeon, one space at a time.
Land on a trap, and your health will decrease! The part of the body that gets attacked will take greater damage!
Use items to try and advance to the very deepest point before running out of HP!

14 base CGs featuring slimes, tentacles, masturbation, and more!
Over 1000 CG variations to enjoy!

How to play:
Use the mouse to open and mark panels and avoid ero-traps. On the smart version, tapping works.

Play time:
Can be cleared in 1 hour, but 5~10 hours may be required to unlock everything.

Trial version:
Only 7 base CGs, no gallery mode.
Data can be transferred to the commercial version, but 100% clearing may not be possible.

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