The Zombie Hazard / Osanagocoronokimini


The Zombie Hazard

The Zombie Hazard -Taihaikansen-

Screw survivors in an abandoned school overrun by zombies.
Gun action x Zombie (and Human) sex animation RPG.

When a research facility explosion turns the city into zombies
the protagonist takes shelter in a closed-down school,
where he utilizes whatever arsenal he can.
Roam the halls pumping lead into the undead and spunk into female survivors.
There are 4 main heroines and zombies ranging from loli to milf,
a total of 12 distinct characters.
Your treatment of a character may cause her to open her legs
or you can take her by force… survivors may be come zombies
which you can have sex with, or restore the zombies to
human form if that fits your taste.
Violate heroines in their sleep too.
Scenes are animated with sound effects and let you choose vaginal or anal sex.
In sleep sex mode you’ll see up more than 100 variations of images.
Toggle cross-section views and visible text on or off anytime during sex.

After you clear the game you can choose any character you met in the game
and do her again and again.
Game difficult options are available, with an unlockable New Game Plus.
This game is created to appeal to casual and challenge lovers both.

Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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