Sincere Pussy on Duty / aoharu fetishism / みもりあいの

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Sincere Pussy on Duty

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Sincere Pussy on Duty [青春×フェティシズム]


Heroine Introduction

Sincere Pussy on Duty [青春×フェティシズム]

A popular girl who’s also class rep.
You receive early information that she’s been chosen for pussy duty.
She’s diligent, but caring and easily pressured.
If you ask strongly, she’ll surely become your own personal pussy duty girl.

Begin your very lewd, and somewhat bittersweet once-in-a-lifetime pussy youth story.


Sincere Pussy on Duty [青春×フェティシズム]

The “super lewd guarantee” that you know and love!!!
Once again, she’s guaranteed to soothe your frustrated dick!

A youthful scenario by the Pussy Duty series scriptwriter Tanpen Koubou
and the impressive Foley sound cultivated by Aoharu x Fetishism
bring you the best lewd experience with a youthful feeling.

Aino Mimori voices a caring pussy duty girl who can’t say no.
Her miraculous voice acting encompasses both “comfort” and “lewdness”.

If you close your eyes, it’s like the pussy duty girl is right next to you.
Experience it with your entire body.

Erotic Contents Include

Sincere Pussy on Duty [青春×フェティシズム]

★+☆+★ [Track List] + Finish Timings ★+☆+★

track00 Title call (00:07)
track01_ Forcefully begging the pussy duty girl (28:50)–> Finish 1st time [27:26]
track02_ Sex in locker while hiding from teacher (22:42)–> Finish 1st time [08:47] 2nd time [21:02]
track03_ Skipping class and fooling around in the infirmary (26:18)–> Finish 1st time [08:21] 2nd time [24:15]
track04_ Lewd youthful play after school (24:21)–> Finish 1st time [14:23] 2nd time [23:04]
track05_ Who is the sincere one?(02:44)
track06_ You’re hopeless… (22:04)→ Finish 1st time [19:50]
ExTrack [Bonus] Innocent Pussy on Duty exTrack (10:18)→ Finish 1st time [08:44]

Purchase bonuses

Sincere Pussy on Duty [青春×フェティシズム]

Illustrations by: Nukopushi

Script: Tanpen Koubou

Voice: Aino Mimori

Produced by: Aoharu x Fetishism

Good news!!!

Sincere Pussy on Duty [青春×フェティシズム]

Good news for fans of Innocent Pussy on Duty!
When you purchase this work, [Sincere Pussy on Duty],
as a bonus, you’ll receive an [After EX track] that continues the story of Innocent Pussy on Duty!

For those of you that have been dying to see Innocent-chan again.
And for those of you who haven’t yet met Innocent-chan:

Let the devilish innocent pussy duty girl spoil and comfort you.


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