[ENG Ver.] Sweet Test Study With Older Schoolgirls / FriDISH

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[ENG Ver.] Sweet Test Study With Older Schoolgirls

Yuuki is trying to study for his tests, but with cousin Hinata over to help with chores,
and student council president Kyouka over to help with his studying, he can’t focus at all.

Kyouka decides to give him a study break with some business-like cum-squeezing,
and after Hinata finds out, she sets to sweetly spoiling him herself.

The pair dual it out for Yuuki’s affections, and they soon settle on a rotating “Dick Duty.”
In the end, though, they all come together for a happy three-way.

The test study is all but forgotten in the throes of passion…

A full-color OneShota manga.


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