CHARACTER ART – Party-1: Swordsman + Priest + Magician / sasAIchi

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CHARACTER ART – Party-1: Swordsman + Priest + Magician

Full body character art that could be used in a fantasy-style game setting.


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* Approved for use in paid or free products regardless of genre or age restriction.
* No need to give credit or notify the creator of usage.
* Adjustments such as color and resolution changes can be done freely.

* Redistributing or reselling the materials as-is is prohibited.
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– Character count: 6

Male Swordsman Female Swordsman
Male Priest Female Priest
Male Magician Female Magician

– Character portrait versions: 4

Casual Clothes
Class Equipment – No Weapon
Class Equipment – With Weapon

* To keep it suitable for all ages, the nude versions don’t have detail on some parts.

– Different Expressions: 18

Normal / Smiling / Angry / Sad / Laughing /Surprised / Inquisitive / Embarrassed
Serious / Shouting / Looking away / Sleeping / A / I / U / E / O / Faceless

– File Information

PSD Coloring/Line Drawing
PNG Coloring/Line Drawing

L Original Size
S Reduced Size

Resolution: PSD-360px PNG-72px


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