Mutual Love Lolita’s Life / Night-time Sheep


Mutual Love Lolita’s Life

Creampies everyday. A loli utopia of love.

From her good morning kiss to her bedtime ecchi.

Let’s fill the room with flowers.
Let’s take a walk together.
Let’s say farewell to all worries.

She falls asleep holding your hand
and wakes up to start it all again.

“Was today a good day?”
Push deeper inside her, for a hot good night.

* Night-time Sheep presents a loli bride visual novel

11 base Cgs + many variations
CG mode and scene revisit mode
1024×768 display
Quick read/skip and auto play

This is an afterstory to Mutual Love Lolita (RE148522)

No knowledge is required to enjoy the game but,
if you play them in order you may enjoy it more.

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