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[XTER] my mother the animation – (Japanese voice / Eng Sub)

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When Nuch, a beautiful single mother, goes on vacation with Nont, her son, at a beachfront hotel, things always happen whenever she gets drunk. Especially when she finds out the secret between Nont and his sister. Hentai Anime from H-manga by XTER, Best seller Thai Milf manga artist. Immoral erotic story of Mama Nuch and Nont’s vacation at a beachfront hotel waiting for you to experience.

We are the Circle owned by XTER himself. Investing in animation is not easy at all, but it’s a dream for a small Circle from Thailand. This is the first time we are attempting to sell our work internationally. Thank you to all our supporters and thanks to Dlsite for providing us this opportunity.

We hope everyone enjoys this work, and we look forward to releasing new works in the future.

(Text: English / Voice: Japanese)
(English product description provided by the creator.)