Life with the tribe / ChimeraZak


Life with the tribe

Life with the tribe!

This is an adventure game in which a tribe finds a boy who miraculously survived after falling into the ocean! You are that boy!

Explore the tribe, complete quests, receive H rewards, fight monsters and become the head of this tribe!

There is no text in this game, but the whole story is told through art!

Game content

Everything in this game adheres to the pixel art style!

The gameplay of the game is divided into many mini-games, so you will have a lot to do in this game! And many of these mini-games lead to different scenes!


Life with the tribe [ChimeraZak]

This game has more than 15 + different animation!

Each girl have her own H-animation!

Random events!

Life with the tribe [ChimeraZak]

As soon as you leave the tribe to explore the surrounding areas, you can encounter random events! In the game you can find more than 16 different events!

Some of them may improve your health, but some may not be so pleasant!

Sometimes you can even find a treasure chest!

Sheep-girls who want to be impregnated?

Life with the tribe [ChimeraZak]

In one location you can find sheep girls, once you help them with their problems, they will happily reward you.

And as soon as you return to them, you can see that their number increases!


Life with the tribe [ChimeraZak]

Once you become the head of the tribe, new opportunities will open up for you! And one of them is the customization of the tribesmen!

Different options that affect the appearance of each woman in the tribe! And it even affects H-animation!

(English product description provided by the creator.)